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Let's inspire more women to try ultras

By Henry Howard

Let’s bring more women into trail and ultra running.

It’s a common refrain among both men and women runners. And the percentage is increasing, according to the year-end report by While there have never been more women ultra runners, only 23% of participants are female. Still, that’s a solid increase from 23 years ago when it was 14%, according to the data.

There are elite women runners who serve as inspiration and likely bring more women into the sport. Some followers of the sport may have taken note four years ago as Camille Herron, Courtney Dauwalter and others broke out in a very public way. But it’s not just those two who garner a lot of media attention for their dominance.

As Meghan Hicks said in this story from four years ago, “Women kick ass in trail running and ultra running every year!”

There have been movements toward enticing more women to try the sport. Among them: more women-friendly products at aid station, better representation among women at popular ultras and more media attention.

As an ultra runner, coach and content creator, I feel inspired to do my part, too. So, similar to what I did to encourage more minorities to try the sport, here’s a new offer as part of Women’s History Month.

I am offering a 50% discounted rate and leaving several coaching spots open on my roster for women who would like to run their first ultra marathon, or run their first trail marathon.

Each athlete would receive the same benefits as my other athletes do. That includes a customized training plan, updated weekly, regular communication and feedback, as well as advice specific to their fitness level, experience, goal race and more.

The time commitment would be between four and six months, though we can discuss a longer arrangement.

If interested in learning more about this offer, please contact me via my coaching page. I’m up for a free, no-commitment phone consultation to see if we are a good fit. And learn more about me at the links from my linktree page.


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