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Coach Henry received his run coach certification from the Road Runners Club of America, has qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon, and has run races from 5Ks to 100 miles. He has guided runners to achieving Boston qualifiers, completing their first marathon and ultra, setting PRs, accomplishing multi-day stage races and other adventures. 

Currently, he has openings for runners of all skill levels who want to receive customized training plans, regular feedback and inspiration so they can achieve their goals.


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"We did it! My first official race was the NYC Marathon! It was a memorable experience. I enjoyed every step of the way. The vibe was amazing — thousands of people on the streets shouting my name, high fives, music and funny signs.


Running was great, no pain, except a strange moment where I thought I had broken something on my foot. I walked a little bit to recover and soon was running again. I finished in 4:58, feeling great!

Thanks, Henry. I could not have done this without you, telling me to 'trust the process,' your inspiration and the training plan!"

— Fernando, who went from non-runner to marathoner with Henry's coaching


"Before working with Henry, I followed online half marathon training plans that  got me over the finish line. But they didn’t tap into my potential or show me how to train properly.

Henry wrote a personalized training plan that incorporated easy days, hard runs, cross training and speed work. His running expertise and passion for the sport brought out my strengths as a runner and gave me a 6-minute PR! As a full-time working mom, he created a training schedule that was flexible and worked for me.


As my coach Henry did more than just set me up for a PR - he reminded me to trust my training and provided advice, constant encouragement and positive vibes. When I PR'd, I couldn’t wait to tell him and thank him for bringing out my running potential and helping me cross the finish line strong and healthy!"

— Cameran, who ran a 1:38:21 six-minute PR in the half marathon and later qualified for Boston in her first marathon


"As a brand new runner and someone who had never even contemplated running a marathon before, Coach Henry’s advice and guidance throughout my training truly made the difference. I had no idea what was normal and what wasn’t during 16 weeks of more running than I had ever done in my entire life.

But working with Henry helped keep me focused on what was important, from proper fueling before and during runs to taking rest days and making sure I had good shoes. It was honestly at the end of my marathon training, however, just a week before my race, when Henry’s coaching was immeasurably helpful after I injured myself on a run.


When I first started training, I thought I’d never run again after my race but by the end of training I couldn’t imagine ever not running. The idea of having come this far only to not be able to run my first marathon just killed me. But thanks to Henry’s calm advice, I made myself rest and took other steps to heal myself in time to successfully run my first marathon! Though that was my primary goal—just to finish—thanks to his awesome coaching, I was also able to maintain my training pace and finish in under six hours!

And I absolutely LOVED it. I’m already researching my next race!"

— Dionne, who finished her first marathon under Henry's guidance 

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“I have been running on my own for years and have completed two road marathons. But I found managing my busy schedule and multiple training goals difficult. I was also struggling with recovering from injury.


Henry put together personalized training plans that incorporated all of these factors and kept me motivated through the pandemic and shifting work and life demands. He was also incredibly supportive. Whenever I felt worried or unsure, Henry kept me positive and focused.


Because of Henry, I was more consistent than ever and I ran my biggest races yet – two trail 25Ks and my first trail 50k! Working with Henry was the best move I have made for my running.”

— Jenn, who ran her first trail races, including her first ultra

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