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My first running memory is from fifth-grade track and field day. Apparently, my performance left quite an impression on my teacher as he nicknamed me "Molasses."

I never felt a desire to run in high school or college even when a friend said I had a "runner's body." After college, I ran from time to time but didn't get serious until 2011.


After buying my first pair of running shoes, I ventured out for a 1.6-mile run around my neighborhood. I stopped three times, puked in the driveway and thought I was going to die.

But I stuck with it and finished my first half marathon about six months later.


Now, I have qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon, run ultras up to 100K and finished on the podium for multiple age group awards. I have also combined my passions for writing and running into this blog.

If you'd like to share your story, feel free to contact me.


Happy reading and running!

Blue Ridge marathon finish horiz.JPG


Many thanks to the following creatives who have helped bring this website to life:

Kyle Howard, for redesigning the website to give it a more modern appearance.

Clay Lomneth, for many of the photos featured on this website.

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