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Best kettlebell for travelers

Do workouts at home or on the road with the Rubberbanditz Adjustable Aqua Kettlebell Weight.

By Henry Howard


As someone who travels frequently for my full-time job — more than 100 hotel nights during 2023 — I’ve seen my share of hotel fitness centers. Some have great options while others are lacking.


It’s difficult for me to be able to pack much equipment, especially when it comes to strength training. So I jumped at the chance when offered the opportunity to test the Adjustable Aqua Kettlebell Weight, made by Runnerbanditz. For full disclosure, I was sent the kettlebell in exchange for this review.


In the past month or so, I tested it both at home and on a few work trips.


The Adjustable Aqua Kettlebell plastic container, which has a puncture-proof shell, features straps sealed on the sides for lifting the kettlebell in a variety of moves. For traveling, it packs away easily and can be filled up with water quickly. Additionally, it is compatible with the Rubberbanditz wrist roller but I do not have one of those.


Here’s why I think the Runnerbanditz Adjustable Aqua Kettlebell is the best kettlebell for travelers.


The Adjustable Aqua Kettlebell Weight can hold up to 40 pounds.

In addition to being easy to transport (without water), its durable. And, of course, it is a solid piece of exercise equipment.

It’s a great addition to your workout room at home and can be a useful tool for runners and others who do strength training to supplement their primary activity, or just want to build some strength.


The kettlebells design allows for even the smallest muscles to work together with the larger ones as you raise it above your head.


Fast facts:


• The aqua kettlebell can hold 40 pounds of water. A brochure provides information on how the height of the water level correlates to the weight, in pounds, in the aqua kettlebell. 

• It is easy to store and transport, fitting easily in a carry-on bag and weighing less than a kilogram.

• The soft kettlebell kettle grip is padded and wicks sweat.

• It comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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