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UltrAspire race vest, handheld bottle brighten my runs

There is a lot to like about the UltrAspire Legacy Race Vest and 550 race handheld bottle.

While UltrAspire is a newish company on the endurance sports scene, its products evoke quality and provide what trail and ultra runners require.

Disclaimer: I was honored to be selected as an UltrAspire Immortal Ambassador this year. As part of that agreement, I receive a discount off UltrAspire products, which I used to purchase the vest and handheld.

But before I dive in to my reviews let me be clear: ambassadorship aside, UltrAspire gear is among the best that I have tried. I have a collection of vests from various well-known brands and UltrAspire will be my vest of choice when I pack for the Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) in May. In my testing, its Legacy Race Vest has proven itself to fit my needs.

UltrAspire Legacy Race Vest

Upon receiving the UltrAspire Legacy Race Vest, it did not take me long to see its value. I have used it for runs from roughly 13 miles through 23 miles so far. It has held the bottles, nutrition and other gear I need for long trail runs while providing me comfort on my journey.

Storage is one area where the vest shines. For example, the front pockets were created to carry a variety of bottles including the two bottles that come with the vest as well as the 550ml UltraFlask. Meanwhile, the side pockets can also store bottles. Or runners can use the shock cord to secure necessary items like a headlamp, jacket or other clothing, or nutrition.

The Legacy vest has room in the back for a bladder to keep fluids cool for a longer period of time. Personally, I would opt to use that space for storage for a jacket or other clothing for longer runs.

UltrAspire designed and built the vets so that runners and hikers who use trekking poles can easily attach them and access them without removing the pack.

The one minor issue I had was trying to figure out how the straps work since it’s a one-size-fits all. Thankfully, the one-minute video on UltrAspire’s website clued me in on how to work it.

550 race handheld bottle

I really like the 550 race handheld. While my hands are on the small side, it fits me so perfectly that I forget I am carrying a bottle when I am out on my runs.

Additionally, it is easy to grab a quick sip or gulp while on the run, and just as easy to secure the cap again — and the top is made of plastic, not rubber like other brands. I have one from another brand that has a hole in the mouthpiece because of the way that it's made. The hole made it pretty useless in short order.

The UltraSpire bottle is easy to clean, too. It is easier to separate the sleeve and bottle for washing than it is for other brands.

With summer and hotter weather on the way, I am glad to have such a useful handheld to take with me on long runs so I can be properly hydrated.


While there is a lot of competition and high-end products in the endurance sports community, UltrApsire provides a great balance of usefulness, sophistication and affordability in their products.

I also obtained arm sleeves from UltrAspire and plan to use them to cool down during hot training runs and races this summer. I have no doubt that they will work just as well as the other gear I have tested so far. And I look forward to seeing what else UltrAspire develops that will help me become a better-equipped runner.

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