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Fun Run Box delivers swag, camaraderie

When the white package with the Fun Run Box label affixed on top arrived about a month ago, I knew I was in for something new.

Thanks to being a BibRavePro, I was able to test out a Fun Run Box kit — a monthly sample of items that runners would use such as a tech shirt and mini foam roller. The items are different every month. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro, and check out to review find and write race reviews!

In addition to the colorful swag, Fun Run Box participants are placed on teams (I was part of #TeamDashie) that compete in a friendly battle of goals for the month that plays out over social media. Examples of the challenges would be to run a 5-miler and post selfies with some of the products.

I’m a competitive person by nature so I set out to achieve as many of the goals as possible to help my #TeamDashie teammates. At the end of the contest, we finished in second place.

The social aspect of this was fun and built a team from runners of all skills, sizes and backgrounds from across the country. On the Fun Run Box Facebook and Instagram pages, we were able to see our teammates (and competitors) accomplish goals. After all, if something doesn’t appear on social media, did it really happen?

A look at the swag

The products in my box included:

A Roll and Go Massager. This is far and away my favorite swag item from Fun Run Box. During back-to-back work trips last week, I easily packed the mini foam roller both times and used it nearly every day. I didn’t find it to have much of a different impact from my larger, circular foam roller that sometimes makes it a challenge to pack my suitcase. For travelers — and non-travelers — the Roll and Go Massager is a great way to rub out the kinks that often plague runners.

A truckers hat by Headsweats. The five-panel hat fits really well and has accompanied me on a few trail runs. I am not normally one for trucker hats but this one may be one I find myself wearing. Best of all, the moisture-wicking fabric kept my head cool even during humid summer runs.

A perfectly sized tech shirt that I have run in a handful of times. Not only does it fit well, the shirt is comfortable and serves a nice addition to my gigantic collection of running gear. (Each Fun Run Box participant also received a bib number. I didn’t wear mine but it was a nice touch.)

A granola bar and jelly beans. It’s well known that runners are known for craving granola or protein bars, as well as sweet treats. It was appropriate for Fun Run Box to include something to munch on. However, as someone who has adopted a gluten-free diet due to a heightened sensitivity and distress issues, I did not appreciate the fact that I did not have the opportunity to opt out of such products.

Overall, I found the month-long Fun Run Box to be engaging, especially on social media. It would most likely appeal to those runners who favor the social aspects of running — group runs, color runs, running 5Ks and other races with friends. For those who are more competitive or like to train and race individually, Fun Run Box might not be as appealing. And regardless of running preferences, those with food allergies and other dietary issues, should tread carefully.

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