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Odlo has runners covered amid variable spring weather

By Henry Howard

It’s spring once again and that means weather patterns can be chaotic.

Just this past week, the Midwest endured an early heat wave. In California, drought conditions are worsening. Elsewhere in the United States, downpours, lightning, strong winds and other challenging conditions are occurring.

Thanks to Odlo, I’ve been able to try out some new gear that performed well in various weather conditions. If you are unfamiliar with Odlo, the company was founded more than 70 years ago in Norway. Among the reasons I support Odlo is how it practices sustainability as it has since its founding in 1946.

That commitment can also be found in the new Zeroweight 3-inch split running shorts and Zeroweight Waterproof rain jacket, both of which I have recently been wearing. Here is a brief overview of each item has performed.

I wear short shorts

Shorts: The Zeroweight 3-inch split running shorts are the shortest I’ve ever worn. While the length took some getting used to, they are comfortable and the fit is perfect.

Made from 100 percent recycled super-lightweight polyester, the shorts have side slits. These allow for freedom of movement and moisture management, while the inner briefs deliver additional support for superior comfort. I was really impressed with the reflective details to keep me visible in low-light conditions.

The shorts don’t have a pocket so you will need to either carry or find another alternative for bringing a phone, car keys or nutrition on the run.

For me, they are a great option on hot days when I have a long run planned. The shorts are so light I’ll need to double check to make sure I haven’t forgotten to put them on. As for my phone and snacks, I’ll be able to bring them along packed securely in my vest.

Rain is no problem for this jacket

Rain jacket: The Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket meets all the important criteria for a running jacket to protect me in the rain. It keeps me dry, is incredibly lightweight and the fit is perfect.

Crafted from a 2.5 layer fully recycled material, it's seam sealed and comes with an adjustable hood for whatever weather lies ahead. On the run, it’s easy to put on or take off the hood when needed.

As I have said to my running clients and others when it comes to training in the rain, “once you’re wet, you’re wet.” So embrace the challenging weather, focus on your “why” for running and be sure to wear appropriate gear like the Odlo rain jacket.

I have worn it during several of my morning runs when I was greeted with rain ranging from a sprinkle to a constant drizzle to a steady, moderate rainfall. During each wet outing, my top stayed dry underneath the jacket. At the same time, the Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket kept me warm as the temperatures were generally in the 50s.

That said, I would definitely recommend an additional layer if you are running when the temps are in the high 30s or 40s.


These two pieces of gear perform well, just like previous Odlo products I have sampled. I highly recommend checking out the shorts and rain jacket. Among other Odlo products I have tested:

• A collection of Odlo shirts and boxers and more shorts and shorts, perfect for warm spring and summer runs.

The Run Easy Half-Zip Mid-Layer Top, a comfortable midlayer that I usually wear when relaxing or as a light layer when walking the dogs, doing the gardening or other casual outside activity.

• The Odlo Natural + Kinship Baselayer, which is 52 percent virgin wool (merino) and keeps me warm when the temperature sinks.

• The Odlo Zeroweight Pro Warm Reflect running jacket, which I wore almost exclusively during this past winter. It keeps me warm and the integrated watch window saves me from exposing my wrist to the cold.


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