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Odlo shirts and boxers designed for comfort, sustainability

For runners, gear can be a very personable choice, especially when it comes to clothing. What rubs one person the right way, might literally rub another runner the wrong way.

I have worn various apparel from small, mid-sized and large companies on my running adventures. But for me, I am most comfortable in Odlo gear. And not just because their gear fits incredibly well, doesn’t chafe and performs well in all types of conditions.

I am very comfortable in supporting this 70-year-old brand because of its commitment to sustainability. While it’s admirable that some of the newer-to-market brands have a similar outlook, I am proud to wear and represent a brand that has been environmentally conscious since its founding seven decades ago.

In recent months, I have been testing some of the new Odlo gear. Here is a review of how the various types of gear performed.

Crew Neck Ceramicool shirt

Overview: The men’s Crew Neck Ceramicool shirt is incredibly comfortable and performs well during long endurance runs, even in the heat of summer. I also use it as a base layer with a light jacket during cooler morning runs.

Comfort: It fits really well and holds up well in the laundry. I should know as it has been a go-to shirt for me throughout the summer training season. Even after countless runs and washes, it not only looks great, it also still performs well.

What else to know: The shirt is 86 percent Polyamide and 14 percent Elastane, meaning that it is wonderfully light and breathable. Runners don’t need to worry about chafing with this shirt because it deflects moisture away and is quick to dry.

Ceramicool baselayer print T-shirt

Overview: The design of this red Ceramicool Baselayer print T-shirt was awesome and went well with my Odlo hat. Like the crew neck version, I also use this now as a base layer as the cooler months have taken over here in the western hemisphere.

Comfort: The Ceramicool technology combines special fibers with integrated ceramic particles to actively reduce skin temperature to cool you down so you can reach optimal performance in the heat. But Odlo does not stop there. It adds an additional Ceramicool mesh ventilation on the back, which provides even more cooling action.

What else to know: What may not be as obvious in the photos are some other features I appreciate. The shirt is actually equipped with a reflective earphone loop and other reflective detailing. The reflective properties are important so that your visibility is increased when you’re on the trails or roads in lower-lit situations.

Men's F-Dry Light Sports Underwear Boxer

Overview: The men's Active F-Dry Light Sports Underwear Boxer is amazing. It is incredibly light and comfortable, whether running an easy 5K or spending a long day running in the heat and humidity.

Comfort: The boxers are 88 percent recycled polyester and 12 percent polypropylene. The fitted cut means they fit as smoothly under workout clothes as they do under jeans, shorts or sweatpants. And really, while working at home throughout the pandemic, I regularly wore the boxers one day and then had them on during my run the following morning. Super comfortable whether in a Zoom meeting or while knocking out some pre-dawn miles.

What else to know: The F-Dry technology is amazing. I’ll let the experts at Odlo explain it better in this summary. Just know that I can attest to the boxer’s comfort, quick-drying attributes and lightness.

For the women, my friend and coaching client Cameran Richardson recently reviewed the Odlo Women’s Seamless Soft Sports Bra and the Blackcomb Seamless. You can read her review of both here.

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