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Stay cool and odor-free with Odlo shorts, shirts

By Henry Howard

With the hot, humid days of summer here, I’ve been fortunate to have found high-performance running shirts and shorts from Odlo. The company has various options for endurance athletes who wear its gear with Ceramicool technology that keep the body cool while the Zeroscent technology blocks body odor.

I’ve been running regularly in shorts and shirts from Odlo and have found them to stay true to their word. Even with real-feel temperatures in the 80s and higher, thanks to relentless humidity approaching 100 percent, I don’t feel overheated like I do when I’ve worn gear from other companies.

This does not come as a surprise to me as I’ve known that Odlo produces quality gear like this other running shirt while being a leader in the conservation space among endurance sports brands.

Here are my thoughts on two shirts and two pairs of shorts that I wore regularly during my hot summer runs:

• Blackcomb Tee Shirt: I am grateful for how well this shirt kept me dry while warding off the heat. Like other Odlo gear, it uses Ceramicool technology and body-mapped ventilation that pulls heat and moisture away from the skin. Thanks to Zeroscent, which eliminates odor, I’ve gone grocery shopping immediately after runs without casting my stench on fellow shoppers. Additionally, the shirt’s reflective details are helpful for pre-dawn runs.

Zeroweight Tee Shirt: This lightweight shirt features Chill-Tec active cooling technology. In practical terms, that means it is made with moisture-wicking polyester, and features a mesh insert. The Odlo Effect silver-ion treatment and ZeroScent technology combine for superior comfort and quality odor control. Like the Blackcomb, it also features body mapped ventilation and reflective details.

Zeroweight Pro Shorts:As someone who always runs with his phone, I was skeptical at first about these shorts since the back pocket is too small for a phone. (You can stash keys, a gel or something else about that size in it.) However, I found the comfort to be top of the line, thanks to the light four-way stretch fabric. The shorts stretch and offer the runner the ability to move as he or she sees fit. The waistband is adjustable and, like the shirts, these shorts manage moisture effectively, offer reflective details and come with good ventilation. I’ll wear these when I strap on a vest for a longer run, or decide to carry my phone on a shorter one.

Zeroweight 3 Inch Shorts: These 3-inch split running shorts will help you beat the heat, thanks to a super-lightweight polyester blend with side slits and the tremendous moisture management. The inner briefs deliver additional support for optimum comfort and the reflective details are a solid safety measure for running in dark conditions, The main fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester as part of Odlo’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The hot and humid days of summer will soon make way for cool autumn mornings. There will be a time when I need to gravitate toward warmer gear and multiple layers for my daily workouts.

But for now, I’ll keep answering the early alarm clock, put on these Odlo items designed for summer comfort and crank out training runs without concerns of getting overheated or being stinky.


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