May 7, 2020

It was two years ago this week when abdominal surgery sent my running world reeling, not to mention my home life, work life and everything else. At the time I was sliced open, I was roughly 2 ½ days from the start time for my first 100K at the Ultra Race of Champions (...

April 25, 2020

About six years ago, an ITBS injury indicated it was time for me to get a running coach. As a listener of the Marathon Training Academy (MTA) podcast, I reached out to Angie Spencer.

Angie and her husband, Trevor Spencer, are the podcast co-hosts and co-owners of MTA. A...

April 17, 2020

I had planned to be heading to the Zion 100K as I write this. But the coronavirus had other plans for me and everyone else across the planet.

The COVID-19 outbreak means there will be no exploring of Zion National Park, no challenging 100K this month and no Western Stat...

April 14, 2020

(Photo provided by Pexels)

The coronavirus pandemic has created a really strange and challenging situation for everyone, including runners. With governments implementing social distancing rules, many races have been postponed or canceled. But now is not the time to lo...

December 6, 2019

Most people think running is pretty easy. You just put on some shoes and go. Yeah, it may start that way, but you’ll quickly learn there’s a lot more to it. That’s why I’m glad I now have an amazing coach to guide me.

I’ve never been a runner. My entire life I was one o...

December 3, 2019

As the coldness and darkness of December settles in for much of the United States, runners face challenges. Sometimes icy and snowy conditions also wreak havoc with the best-laid plans for training.

But there are easy ways to overcome the obstacles and maintain consiste...

September 23, 2019

It’s hard to imagine now but there was a time when Jacob Puzey struggled to finish a 3K cross-country race without stopping.

Puzey set a world record in 2016 for running 50 miles in 4:57:45 on a treadmill, beating the record of 5:57:31 by nearly an hour. He is also a si...

August 25, 2019

Michele Yates has the hips, pelvis and pubic bone area of a 100-year-old, doctors told her five years ago.

“My bones had grown the wrong way,” she explains, noting this was discovered when she was pregnant with Maya Jo. “They also found I had thyroid disease as well as...

August 4, 2019

As a running coach, my athletes have achieved quests to qualify for the Boston Marathon, run their first full marathon and various other challenges. I cannot be more pleased when they accomplish their running goals.

But what happens when athletes come up short of their...

July 30, 2019

When I was self-coached, I focused on running. After all to get better as a runner, one has to, well, run. Right?

I didn’t fully understand the value of cross-training, whether that is yoga, core work, biking, swimming or other exercise that supports and supplements the...

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May 25, 2020

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Evolving from injured runner to BQer

Marathon Training Academy podcast hosts Trevor and Angie Spencer discuss how Angie's training has helped me improve my marathon PR by 28 minutes, earn a BQ and conquer ultras.


Trails, coaching, diet  
and a whole lot more

Ryan Clayton welcomes me to his podcast where we cover topics from road and trail running to coaching to nutrition/diet to ambassadorships.


'Keep moving the goal line so you always have goals to work toward.'

Breaking the Barrier podcast host Andrew Lorenzo and I talked about goal setting and achieving.


'I am able to recover better from through an almost entirely plant-based diet.'

PlantTrainers hosts Adam and Shoshana Chaim discuss my evolving diet, endurance running and offer tips on how to become 100 percent plant-based.

My First Ultra host Scott Jones and I discuss my debut and lessons learned at the Buckeye 50K in Ohio.

'My fifth-grade teacher called me  molasses.'


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