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Here are my current deals, discounts and freebies for runners and anyone else looking to save some money.

InsideTracker offers a variety of packages on analyzing your blood results and providing personalized recommendations so you can improve your health and fitness. Get 20% off any InsideTracker test with my code: HENRYHOWARD at this URL.


This gluten-free granola is great for snacking, adding to a bowl of yogurt and fruit, and topping off a smoothie. Even better: every purchase helps fund autism research and creates jobs for hard-working individuals with autism. Use this special link to save 10% on your order.


I regularly use Honey Stinger's gluten-free waffles, gels, chews and protein bars. They help fuel my runs and guide my recovery. While there's no discount code, every time someone makes a purchase using my unique referral link, I'll earn points.

Honey Stinger

Looking for a great trail race in the fall? Check out the Hungerford Races, which offer a 50-miler, 45K and 15-miler. The race is in late September in Michigan. Use my discount code RUNSPIRITED20 for $20 off any distance.

Hungerford Trail Races

Runners need to replace the electrolytes they lose through sweat. Salt Stick offers a variety of options in different flavors so you can keep your electrolytes in balance. Use my code Henry20 for 20% off.

Salt Stick

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