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Step One demonstrates commitment to sustainability

Step One last year became the first clothing company in Australia to achieve end-to-end FSC™ certification.

By Henry Howard


Recently I had the opportunity to test out a few pairs of Step One, a new-to-me underwear brand that prides itself on its environmental practices.


So let’s start out there, since that is what inspired me to learn more about Step One.


Founded by Greg Taylor, a former professional rower and now a hiker, Step One last year became the first clothing company in Australia to achieve end-to-end FSC™ certification. That means, Step One committed to zero forestation, fair wage and work environments, plant and animal species protection, and supporting local communities in all production of their bamboo viscose underwear.


Step One is a leader among clothing makers when it comes to sustainability.

Step One uses organic bamboo viscose, a naturally irrigated source, to produce their product line. That means that production does not use any extra water (unlike cotton), and the underwear is naturally antibacterial, sweat-resistant and super soft. 


For full disclosure, I was provided the samples in exchange for this review. I chose the Boxer Brief Plus and the Boxer Brief Fly. The color names were fun and descriptive, the Smashed Avo and Ahoy Sailor among them.


They are extremely comfortable, whether you are running, cycling or just wearing them during a non-sports activity. During my workouts, I did not experience any chafing, blisters or any other issues.


Step One will definitely be a go-to for my wardrobe, both for casual wear as well as times when I am active.

In fact, that’s kind of how Step One got its start.


The start of Step One

Unable to find a solution to make hiking more comfortable, Taylor set out to create a solution for himself, which is how Step One was born. 


He created his own innovative “Ultraglyde” panels which sit between your thighs to reduce friction. For the men’s range, he also has created a 3D Pounch to suit every guy.


Step One has good options for women and men.

The range is also made from organic bamboo viscose fabric. Bamboo viscose is naturally moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which is great for people who are active, or for people who run, hike or travel long distances.


It’s clear that Step One is a clothing brand with a commitment to sustainability. And they are a company I truly can support, as their products also lend support to me. 



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