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Top podcasts for runners featuring women hosts

By Henry Howard

In the past, I’ve published and updated a list of top podcasts for runners. It’s no secret that the number of podcasts has grown sharply, and my subscriptions have increased to around 40. The original list, which can be found here, only offered eight suggestions while the second annual list, which is here, listed 10. The most recent list also offered 10 recommendations.

Due to the surge in the number of podcasts related to running, that seems way too low. There are simply far too many right now for me to rank them or even offer a “best of” list. Instead, as another way to celebrate Women’s History Month, here are 15 notable podcasts featuring women as hosts or as a co-host.

Feel free to send me your suggestions of ones I may have missed, and let me know your thoughts on this compilation. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:


Ali On the Run

Summary: Every week on the Ali on the Run Show, Alison Feller talks with inspiring people who lead interesting lives on the run and beyond. The fascinating conversations are great whether you are running, driving or doing some chores. Host(s): Alison Feller First Episode: February 2017

Another Mother Runner

Summary: This is among the longest-running podcasts hosted by a woman, Sarah Bowen Shea. She is a mother of three and veteran of 14 marathons. On her podcast, Shea regularly welcomes guest experts to discuss topics ranging from how to reach a big race goal to finding your athletic happy place, and everything in between. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday to keep you moving, and there are more than 500 previous episodes.

Host(s): Sarah Bowen Shea

First Episode: 2012

Dirt Trail Running Podcast

Summary: Michele Hartwig is a race director with an interesting story as how she became a runner. Her podcast offers a mix of interview subjects, some are elite while others are weekend warriors and others are back of the pack runners. Hartwig leads the conversations which help connect the Midwestern trail and ultra community with others across the nation. Host(s): Michele Hartwig First Episode: September 2019

DNF Podcast

Summary: Zoe Rom is at the controls of DNF, which takes a deep dive into the lives of trail runners and explores how failure fuels success. Each episode is an exploration of life’s challenges, and how embracing the hard parts of life make us better humans and runners. If you like story-telling podcasts, this is one for you. Rom does more than interview guests, she turns each episode into a story about the runner and his or her journey. Host(s): Zoe Rom First Episode: January 2020

I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein Podcast Summary: I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a place for conversations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. During each episode, Hein will talk with everyday runners, elite runners, Olympians, world record holders and everyone in between. It’s impossible to listen to marathoner Hein without feeling more excited about running afterward; there’s something infectious about her energy. Hein interviews both elite and non-elite runners, and manages to make everyone’s story compelling. Host(s): Lindsey Hein First Episode: April 2016

Martha Runs the World Podcast

Summary: A podcast with an honest and open look at running, fitness and all things health-related with a bit of humor thrown in. Martha Hughes brings on everyday runners with inspiring stories to share and usually ends each episode with “Tales From the Trail,” a race recap or summary of recently held trail and ultra races. Host(s): Martha Hughes First Episode: January 2019

Running for Real Podcast

Summary: Join former international runner for Great Britain, Tina Muir as she interviews psychologists, athletes, dietitians, authors, coaches and runners. Beyond fleeting motivation, each interviewee shares real experiences and struggles, along with practical tips to inspire any runner to be their best. Muir also made a heartfelt pivot amid the racial turmoil that occurred in the United States a few years ago. She made a concerted effort to not only welcome guests of different races but highlight Black-owned running businesses in each episode. Host(s): Tina Muir First Episode: April 2017


Summary: Olympic cycling medalist Dotsie Bausch, together with Baywatch actress and certified health coach Alexandra Paul, take listeners on a transformative journey to optimal health and performance through plant-based eating. While not specifically a running podcast, the information shared often relates to athletes like Bausch.

Both Bausch and Paul fought back from severe food addictions. They now interview expert nutritionists, pro athletes, innovative thought-leaders, physicians and plant-based celebrities. The discussions are aimed at lay people, rather than those who study or research the sometimes deep topics about nutrition.

Host(s): Dotsie Bausch and Alexandra Paul First Episode: February 2019

Trail Running Women

Summary: The women of the trails share their stories about running, racing and life. These badass ladies from around the globe get honest about everything from competing, motherhood and trying to have it all. Host(s): Hilary Spires First Episode: October 2019


Summary: Corrine Malcolm is a professional ultra runner with a top 10 finish at Western States, running coach and a former U.S. Biathlon National Team member. Malcolm, who has a bachelor’s in health and human performance, brings a strong combination of science-backed perspective plus her own experience to engage in meaningful conversations with guests.

Host(s): Malcolm handles the running-focused episodes, alternating each week with Adam Pulford, who hosts episodes dedicated to cycling. First Episode: January 2020

Wild Ginger Running

Summary: Claire Maxted hosts Wild Ginger Running, a trail and ultra running YouTube channel and podcast version. Her episodes air every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. (United Kingdom time). The topics are a hodge podge of trail and ultra running information. Some episodes are interviews while others are gear reviews and still others offer coaching advice. Host(s): Claire Maxted First Episode: April 2020 (July 2017 for YouTube Interviews)


Ginger Runner

Summary: Technically, Ginger Runner Live is a video broadcast on YouTube that is later repurposed into a podcast. The weekly YouTube show, hosted by runners and spouses Ethan Newberry and Kim Temisha Newberry, is perhaps the most timely of all the ultra running podcasts. It is pretty standard for the Ginger Runner to interview an athlete who won a major ultra from the previous weekend or just succeeded in another significant endurance accomplishment. Their tagline says it all, “Train hard, race hard and party the hardest.”

Hosts: Ethan Newberry and Kim Teshima Newberry

First Episode: February 2014

Marathon Training Academy

Summary: Hosts and spouses Angie and Trevor Spencer encourage runners and wannabe runners to chase their goals. Angie is a certified running coach, Boston Marathon qualifier and registered nurse. Trevor is a runner and regularly leads the interviews with well-known runners, fitness trainers and health experts. (Disclaimer: I am among the coaches for MTA, a former coaching client of Angie’s and a former podcast guest.) The podcast is part of their network, which includes coaching services.

Hosts: Angie and Trevor Spencer

First Episode: February 2010

Plant Trainers

Summary: Adam and Shoshana Chaim encourage listeners to join them on their plant-based journey that began when Adam discovered a rare tumor on his kidney. He grew up as an athlete, and is still a runner today. But his health has significantly improved after transforming overnight to a plant-based lifestyle. Shoshana also pivoted quickly as she was pregnant at the time of Adam’s health scare. Now they welcome athletes, researchers and other plant-based guests to discuss their own transformative journeys. (Disclaimer: I’ve been a guest on their podcast.)

Hosts: Adam and Shoshana Chaim

First Episode: January 2015

Some Work, All Play

Summary: Some Work, All Play is a weekly funfest with Megan and David Roche. The Roches cover various topics, with lots of love and enthusiasm. (I recently had the pleasure to interview Megan about her research project involving women runners.) The podcast is packed with well-researched advice, with science and social responsibility. Tune in for all the running advice, relentless love and even appearances by Addie dog. (Disclaimer: I am currently being coached by David, and could not be more stoked about that!)

Hosts: Megan and David Roche

First Episode: June 2020


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