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UltrAspire’s Momentum packs ingenuity, comfort and fit

When I first saw the new UltrAspire Momentum 2.0 race vest, I hadn’t planned on getting a new one — or thought I needed one.

How wrong I was.

I’ve tried various types of vests from at least five major brands but had found the UltrAspire Legacy Race Vest to be the best for me. But I liked what I saw in the Momentum 2.0 so I decided to give it a try.

Disclaimer: I was honored to be selected as an UltrAspire Immortal Ambassador this year. As part of that agreement, I receive a discount off UltrAspire products, which I used to purchase the vest.

First impressions

Immediately I could tell that the Momentum offered an upgrade in terms of storage, which of course, is among the highest priorities for trail and ultra runners.

There is a shoulder pocket made specifically for phones of any size with an easy way to secure the phone. I have an iPhone 8 and there is plenty of room in the pocket for a larger one. Also notable is that the phone is secure. I never felt it jostling around; in fact, during my run I have forgotten that it is in there. Another advantage to having the phone secured there is that when crossing deep water, there is no need to worry about the phone becoming wet.

The storage area for hydration bottles also has a unique feature.

UltrAspire calls them Fluidic holsters, which are side pockets that store two bottles, the same sized ones that are used in other UA vests. I especially like the magnet closure that keeps the bottles in place.

The design allows the runner to reach back behind his or her hip and grab or stash a bottle while on the go. I would say that for someone with shorter arms, this did take some getting used to. Maybe I need to do more yoga to become more nimble and stretch my arms around my hips more easily. In any case, the bottles are secure and I found no issue in having them at my sides, rather than on my chest.

Comfort and performance

The minimalist vest has been outfitted with UltrAcool Light Mesh, which makes it very breathable and lightweight. I have used it to run in temperatures around 80 or so and never had an issue with chafing.

The fit works well, as the cord system can adjust for runners of all sizes. In fact, as someone who is on the smaller side, I found it easier to get a proper fit with the Momentum than the Legacy vest.


It’s no wonder that the Momentum 2.0 is not only improved over the original but it offers unique features that other brands will soon be emulating. After all, UltrAspire’s founder, Bryce Thatcher, has a storied history of making high-performing vests for runners, hikers and other athletes.

The Momentum is an excellent vest, an improvement over the first generation. I will likely use it as my go-to but still grab my Legacy Race Vest for shorter outings.

In fact, I used the Momentum for a trail ultra race and was pleased by how much I could safely and securely store. There is ample storage space overall, the fit is perfect and I did not get any chafing from the pack itself rubbing against me.

I am so glad I have the Momentum and will continue to wear it for my races and long training runs.


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