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Journey to 100 features Jason Hardrath’s 100th FKT

(Photos from "Journey to 100," a film by Lauren Steel of Wzrd Media)

By Henry Howard

Jason Hardrath’s quest to become the first person to record 100 Fastest Known Times (FKT) is the subject of a new documentary to debut this month.

Called “Journey to 100,” the 30-minute video tells the story of Hardrath, including footage from his nearly 51-day 100th FKT.

Hardrath selected a stout challenge for his 100th, the Washington Bulgers, which required scaling the 100 largest peaks in the state. He covered 869.77 miles in sometimes gnarly terrain with an elevation gain of 411,757 feet.

His total time: 50 days, 23 hours, 43 minutes.

It was an honor to preview the film, courtesy of Hardrath (who I had earlier profiled in this story as he approached 100 FKTs). The film is by Lauren Steel of Wzrd Media.

While I don’t pretend to be a movie reviewer, I found the documentary to have really strong story-telling components, outlining his journey from a boy struggling with ADHD to an athlete and teacher who inspires athletes and students.

The footage is awesome and the editing allows enough quiet moments so it doesn't feel like I am bombarded with noise and action throughout the film. Interview subjects include his partner, Ashly Winchester, as well as Coree Woltering, Max King, and, of course, the creators of the FKT, Buzz Burrell and Peter Bakwin. These clips are well edited and add to the overall story.

Hardrath is also pleased with the final product. “I have to admit it conveys quite exactly what I hope to put into the world while still being relatable,” he says.

The documentary, sponsored by Athletic Brewing Company, debuts Jan. 15 at the Trail Running Film Festival: Winter Edition ‘22. Learn more about it and the other films that are part of the film festival here.

Grab your popcorn, check out “Journey to 100,” and some other films, and dream big for what you can achieve in 2022 and beyond.


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