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Win a Coros watch in ultra runner of the year contest

I will be giving away a Coros Apex watch as part of a contest with my Second Annual Top 20 Inspirational Ultra Runners of the Year post.

It could not be easier to enter: Simply sign up to receive my e-newsletter and you will go into a random drawing. Contest is open to those 18 years of age and older who live in the continental United States. The contest period starts Oct. 7 and concludes on Nov. 7. If you signed up for the e-newsletter previously, you will automatically be entered in the drawing.

The winner will be announced on or before Dec. 1.

The e-newsletter is generated each time a new post on is published. You must be subscribed to the newsletter at the time of the drawing to be included in the contest. The contest is not associated in any way with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Last year the 20 Inspirational Ultra Runners of the Year included Jeff Browning, Camille Herron, Kaci Lickteig and Michael Wardian. If you would like to nominate someone, feel free to do so in the comments section of any of the RunSpirited social media posts or shoot me an email.

The second annual list will be published shortly after the contest period concludes.

My Coros Apex is the best watch I have ever tried. It has outstanding battery life — I still had 61 percent left after finishing a 100K in the mountains. Additionally, it provides plenty of useful data, the watch and app are simple to use, and the transfer to Strava is flawless.

If you are interested in purchasing a Coros, feel free to use my discount code CAP-Howard to receive a free watch band ($30 value) with any watch. You must add both the watch and the band into the cart and apply the code at checkout to redeem the promotion.

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