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A cool running shirt, thanks to Odlo technology

By Henry Howard

Odlo has done it again.

I’ve been trying out the Zeroweight Engineered Chill-Tec T-shirt during my runs recently as the temperatures have been more summer-like recently. Odlo’s Chill-Tec active cooling technology works wonderfully, allowing me to hit my paces without heating up or becoming engulfed in sweat.

The shirt is made out of moisture-wicking polyester, with a mesh insert. At 3.7 ounces, it is incredibly lightweight and fits perfectly, like all Odlo gear I’ve tried. The ventilation system features a patterned mesh on the front, back and sleeves, and laser-cut perforations under the arms.

Thankfully, Odlo also utilizes its silver-ion treatment and ZeroScent technology to control odor. In fact, I’ve been able to wear the shirt both during workouts and casual outings. According to Odlo, ZeroScent is organic-based and prevents odorous substances from getting into the fibers.

The 100 percent polyester shirt comes in blue, black, gray and “lounge lizard,” a greenish-yellowish color. I also like the reflective details for those early morning or late night runs when light is limited.

Beyond awesome gear, I deeply appreciate Odlo’s sustainability practices. Check out this previous post to learn more about Odlo and its sustainability commitments, which have been in place for 70-plus years.


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