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Guest column: Odlo sports bras marry comfort with quality

A proper fit, comfort and performance are the top priorities when it comes to running shoes. It’s no different when it comes to another important item that women wear when running and for all other athletic endeavors – sports bras.

I own about 10 sports bras of various athletic brands and I have a love-hate relationship with each one. Fit and comfort are my angst with all of them, as well as the frustration of always having to readjust the removable padding, especially after a wash.

But two new sports bras have been added to my running repertoire and they have been a game-changer.

The Odlo Women’s Seamless Soft Sports Bra and the Blackcomb Seamless Medium are now on rotation for me not only because of comfort and fit, but also style. (Learn more about Odlo in this previous post on RunSpirited.)

Here is my take on the two sports bras:

Sports bra: Odlo Blackcomb Seamless Medium

Why I think it’s great: The minute I put this on and went for a run outside I was sold on how good it feels to own a well-made sports bra. The fabric is really soft, moveable so it’s not stiff to put on, breathable and moisture-wicking for the summer heat. I seriously felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. It does not get any better than that!

Comfort: Comfort is felt from the soft fabric and flexible elasticity that is included in the under band – where my discomfort lies with most of my sports bras. The elasticity in the under band in most sports bras is often restrictive and that makes the bottom edge feel rough on my skin. So thank you Odlo for making an all-around soft sports bra that marries comfort with quality to provide a great fit. And my other dilemma is gone with this sports bra – no removable padding to deal with. But even without padding, it’s not see-through and it provides the needed support throughout.

What else I like: Another perk with the high-quality fabric and elasticity of this sports bra is the easiness of taking it off after a hard, sweaty workout. No fighting involved.

Fit: True to size. I’m wearing an XS.

Sports bra: Odlo Women’s Seamless Soft Sports Bra

Why I think it’s great: There is nothing better than paying for one sports bra but getting two in one as this model is reversible. So if I’m not feeling the pink, I can switch to gray. The comfort is above anything I’ve worn before thanks to it being seamless and made from a single piece of high-quality performance fabric, so no chafing during those hot or humid workouts, which as a runner living in the Midwest, I appreciate.

Comfort: Besides quality fabric, comfort is again featured with the elasticity in the under band and throughout for zero restrictions with movement. It washes really well and holds its shape. And there’s no hassle when putting it on after a wash thanks to no padding, however, it still has all the support you need.

What else I like: One thing I can’t leave out here is the style of the Women’s Seamless Soft Sports Bra. It’s feminine, provides a nice shape with the v-cut, and the multiple straps in the back create a cool design to make this the perfect piece of athletic apparel to own and pair with yoga pants or running shorts.

Fit: True to size. I’m wearing an XS.

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