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Odlo’s winter gear is lightweight, warm and comfortable

As of this writing on Jan. 10, I have yet to hit the treadmill for a run during the winter. I’ve hit all my running workouts outside even as the real-feel temperature has hit single digits and other times when the wind speed surpassed the temperature reading.

I’ve stayed warm on these runs, thanks to the superior technology and comfortable fabric that Odlo uses for its winter running gear. I’ve been dressed in their layers, nearly from head to toe.

But it’s not just the quality of the product, it’s the quality of a company that has been around for 75 years. While it’s admirable that some newer clothing companies support sustainability efforts, Odlo has been environmentally conscious since its founding seven decades ago.

In recent weeks, I have been testing some of the new Odlo winter running gear. Here is a review of how the various types of gear performed, starting out with the base layers.

Blackcomb Baselayer shirt

Overview: While the Blackcomb Baselayer long sleeve crew neck top fits tightly – after all it is a base layer – it does not restrict my movement while out on the trails or roads. Additionally, Odlo uses a ZeroScent technology that works even after long runs.

Comfort: There is a body-mapping technology that gives the runner freedom to move as he or she pleases. I found it easy to add on layers without feeling tightness. I could also see wearing this shirt as my only layer when the temperatures begin to rise a little.

What else to know: The base layer provides excellent moisture-wicking properties and thermal insulation to help keep the wearer dry and warm. Beyond running, it would work well for virtually any outdoor activity — cross-country or other forms of skiing, ice skating, or even shoveling the driveway.

Zeroweight Ceramiwarm tights

Overview: The Zeroweight Ceramiwarm tights use active warming technology so the runner doesn’t have to worry about his or legs getting cool during runs.

Comfort: Tights can be a challenging product to fit for the manufacturer and for the customer to fit into. Odlo completely nails this. The tights, made with a power stretch fabric, are a breeze to put on and stay up without any issue whatsoever.

What else to know: I haven’t had the occasion to use it yet. However, a nice piece of innovation is a small key pocket, which could also be used to stash a gel.

Blackcomb Midlayer shirt

Overview: The Blackcomb Midlayer shirt is comfortable and works well with the previously discussed base layer. The mid-layer shirt, made with four-way stretch knit construction, has body-mapped zones incorporated into the design. Their function is to ventilate the body properly and they are up to the task.

Comfort: Not only does the mid layer add warmth, it is comfortable. Stylish, too. I’ve worn it as a top layer when running errands or doing yardwork outside on cool days.

What else to know: The zipper arm pocket is a nice touch.

Zeroweight Pro Warm Reflect running jacket

Overview: This may be my favorite of all of these items, but all are really well thought out and designed. First off, it is lightweight, windproof and

keeps the runner warm. It’s hard to imagine something so light can be so warm in tough conditions. But it’s true.

Comfort: The comfort this jacket provides is amazing. It feels like putting on a light rain jacket for a seasonably cool fall day. I’ve worn this jacket over the mid layer and base layer without any trouble whatsoever.

What else to know: There is a lot of really cool benefits to this jacket. Those include the adjustable hem that adds versatility, the reflective details that help the runner be seen, zippered side pockets, an inner phone pocket and the integrated watch window. I am a big fan of the watch window, which allows the runner to create a way to see the watch face without having to move the jacket sleeve up and expose the skin to the bitter cold. Brilliant.

Zeroweight Warm Hybrid running jacket

Overview: This is another lightweight, warm and windproof jacket suitable for running on cold days. The jacket is cut from seamless engineered jersey jacquard knit with Odlo’s body-mapping technology, which offers moisture management and a full range of motion.

Comfort: Once again the comfort is there. I’ve worn this over a single long-sleeved tech shirt on some of the late fall/early winter days and had no trouble at all. It is also comfortable enough to wear when not pushing out the miles. It’s suitable for a relaxing walk with the dogs or some yardwork.

What else to know: This comes in a yellow, which is an unusual color choice for Odlo products. But I really like it.


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