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5 things to know about sunglasses and winter running

In North America, most runners are now warming up more regularly, dressing in multiple layers and sometimes tacking on additional traction to their footwear. One valuable item for protecting runners often gets set aside in the winter months.


Winter presents its obstacles as temperatures fall, while snow, ice and freezing rain can challenge even the hardiest of runners. While runners often think of sunglasses as a requirement for summer jaunts, they are extremely important for winter running too.

Here are five things runners should take into consideration when it comes so sunglasses and winter running.

1. Use proper protection: When runners head outside on a sunny winter day, they are still prone to the sun’s harmful rays, especially as it reflects off snow. And it’s not just the glare. Sunglasses protect the runner from frozen pellets that get blown around by the wind. 2. Cloudy days present risks too: And it doesn’t have to be a sunny day. Up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays get through even on a cloudy day, according to Dr. Samuel Pierce of the American Optometric Association. UV exposure can cause cause photokeratitis, a serious condition better known as snow blindness.

3. Prevent frozen eyelashes: While an Instagram photo with frozen eyelashes may be a badge of honor or receive a lot of likes, frozen eyelashes are a warning signal. They occur because unprotected eyes are tearing due to the extreme cold. Lessen the tearing by protecting your eyes with a pair of sunglasses.

4. No squinting: The glare from snow and ice can also cause the runner to squint. That doesn’t look good and it might cause undue tension, affecting your ability to relax on the run. Look for sunglasses with polarized frames. Tifosi has a wide range of options of polarized sunglasses for runners and other athletes.

5. You can still look cool: Another good thing about sunglasses is that they are not specific to the season or the climate. The same pair of sunglasses that protected your eyes as you ran in the heat of the summer will also help shield you during winter. So you will look cool whether you are chugging along on a cold winter day, or sweating out a mid-day run during the summer.


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