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5 quick and easy ways to use PlantFusion for recovery

Over the summer, I have revved up my training for my first 100-miler this November. As I have loaded up the miles, my body has needed proper recovery with healthy foods. At the same time, I was grateful to be selected to try various products from PlantFusion.

The company produces vegan pea-protein powders that are free of gluten, eggs, dairy and soy. There are a variety of flavors and options, though chocolate is easily my favorite. I tried out PlantFusion Complete Protein, Keto Blend and Collagen Powder. Each of those options work great with the recipes noted below.

Here are five ways to use PlantFusion as a healthy way to get protein into your diet. The first one takes some prep time, but once made, the protein balls can be used as a quick grab-and-go. The others are easy to make and are great for breakfasts or post-recovery meals or snacks.

And, of course, the actual options for ingredients to use are limitless. Enjoy!

Nut Butter Protein Bars

These bars (pictured above) are high in protein and have a smooth taste. Be sure to add enough of the nut butters. Otherwise the consistency will be on the hard side, especially when refrigerated.

Made with PlantFusion powder, almond butter, peanut butter, oats, oat flour, Rice Krispies, chocolate bar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Fruit Bowl

These bowls have quickly become a breakfast favorite, frequently after an early morning run. I have recently begun to add liquid acai instead of the powder for a more cereal-like experience. Another option is to add your choice of milk for a similar consistency.

Mix together PlantFusion powder; banana; nut butter; some combination of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries; cinnamon; chia seeds; açaí powder; and top with granola.

Yogurt Bowl

Very similar to the fruit bowls mentioned above. I use coconut milk yogurt as a base and then add the PlantFusion and other ingredients for taste.

Mix together PlantFusion powder; coconut milk yogurt; banana; some combination of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries; cinnamon; chia seeds; açaí powder; and top with granola.

Protein Smoothie

These smoothies take a bit more prep time than the bowls so I tend to have these on the weekend when I have more time. There are lots of variations that I have tried but this is one of my favorites.

Blend together PlantFusion powder of your choice, a banana, five strawberries, a half cup of blueberries, acai powder, chia seeds and coconut water. Other ingredients could include an apple, spinach, other types of berries and almond milk instead of coconut water.

Protein Drink

This is the most simple and least creative combination.

Simply mix a scoop or two of PlantFusion with water. I’m not a big fan of plain vanilla so when I use that I add cinnamon or another flavor to give it a more-pleasing taste.

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