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Running recovery made easier with PlantFusion individual packets

I travel frequently for my job, including last week when I was in Washington, D.C., for five full days. As an endurance athlete, my training doesn’t stop when I am on the road.

While I enjoy the travel, it does complicate not only adhering to workouts but giving my body the proper rest and recovery it needs.

At home, I regularly use PlantFusion protein powders so that I can refuel with a clean, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO product that actually tastes good. The one-pound canisters don’t really travel well — especially since (a) the powder might trigger unwarranted attention from security and (b) I could end up with my wardrobe caked in the powder.

But thankfully, I was pleased to discover the individual packets that PlantFusion makes. They are a great solution for endurance athletes who travel but want clean recovery products they can trust. For full disclosure, I received samples of the packets to test for this review. I have tried the Complete Protein in Cookies and Cream and Red Velvet Cake.

Only the good stuff

It’s clear that more runners, triathletes and other endurance sports athletes are seeking out new ways of getting protein into their systems. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the products available and marketed to them. Whey protein. Protein shakes. Protein supplements.

So why PlantFusion?

Let’s start out with the protein. A single serving, mixed with plain water, contains 21 grams of plant-based proteins. Additionally, PlantFusion contains amino acids that help build muscle and assist in the body’s recovery.

But that’s not all.

It’s made with natural ingredients like peas, artichokes and more. At the same time, PlantFusion does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, or artificial colors or flavors. As you can probably surmise it is vegan.

It’s also worth noting that PlantFusion is USDA organic certified — only products made with at least 95 percent of organic ingredients receive this designation.

Putting PlantFusion to the test

During my Washington trip, I brought two of the packets, one of each flavor. They both conveniently fit inside the shaker bottle. Since I had a workout (or two) planned each day of my trip it would be easy to put the packets to the test.

On my first day in D.C., I knocked out a 10-mile run in the rain. Since I had not had a chance to pick up supplies from the store, PlantFusion was a perfect way for me to recover after the workout.

The packet was easy to open and mix with the water. I enjoyed it while cleaning up and preparing to head to the store. The PlantFusion drink was a perfect way to begin the recovery process and get a calorie boost simply, effectively — and best of all — cleanly.

Another day I had a hard threshold run planned. I did this run first thing in the morning, then returned to my hotel room to get a quick PlantFusion drink and shower before heading down to breakfast. The PlantFusion shake spurred on my recovery while also filling the gap between my workout and when I would be able to take in more calories.

I don’t see my running or traveling easing up at all. Now that I have successfully tested and tried these packets, I will be using PlantFusion’s individual packets regularly when I travel. I have yet to find another similar product that has the protein punch, clean ingredients and great taste that PlantFusion provides.

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