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Silent yet powerful Ekrin massage gun promotes healing

By Henry Howard I recently took the Ekrin 365 ($180 retail) for a test drive, or rather flight, during a work trip. I had wanted to test how my new recovery tool would perform on my legs amid a high volume part of training for a trail marathon that coincided with more sitting than I usually do.

Additionally, I also wanted to ensure that, as promised, it would go through TSA checkpoints without an issue.

The massage gun passed all those tests with flying colors.

During my three-day trip, I used the 365 multiple times daily to soothe my lower leg muscles. It’s easy to operate, has superb battery life and is incredibly quiet when it’s in use.

But my soreness understood full well what four speeds, and up to 56 pounds of pressure and 3,200 revolutions per minute could do, regardless of sound level. How quiet is it? Ekrin estimates it performs at a decibel range of 35 to 55 db. That’s like a gentle rainfall.

It comes with six attachments, each of which is specifically designed with its shape and impact level to provide the proper treatment.

I really like the design of the Ekrin. Not only is it easy to maneuver, regardless of where my sore spot may be located. But it’s easy to see the Reactive Force Sensor’s blue light which indicates the amount of pressure being applied. It’s simple to tap and adjust the force while massaging your sore spots.

You might be wondering where the name Ekrin came from. It stems from the Greek words "ekriktikós" and "kínisi," meaning "explosive" and "movement," respectively.

Tips to get the most out of your massages

Consistency is key: Use the Ekrin 365 two or three times a day, focusing on sore spots for at least 15 seconds. Don’t surpass two minutes on any particular muscle group.

More is not better: Limit sessions to no more than 15 minutes. Like other massage guns, this one shuts off after about 10 minutes.

Add to post-workout routine: Admittedly, this is an area I need to improve in. A post-workout session will help break down fascia and lactic acid to promote recovery.

I’m so pleased that the Ekrin 365 had been a solid addition to my recovery from runs and other workouts. The sturdy, protective case fits well in my carry-on luggage. And that is a good thing. I see us taking a lot of trips together.


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