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Rumble Gun assists muscle recovery, soothes soreness

By Henry Howard

I was ready to rumble.

For weeks a balky foot injury has forced me to scale back my running, visit my physical therapist twice a week and create regular at-home routines to promote healing. My PT tried dry needling, which did seem to help alleviate the tightness in the calf that led to the heel injury. However, the dry needling was not going to be useful for the final treatment.

Enter Rumble Gun, a deep tissue massage gun.

There are different massage guns available for runners, cyclists and other athletes seeking relief. It essentially is a handheld, rechargeable vibration massage device that can alleviate soreness. Massage guns help relax and thicken the connective tissue and fascia while reducing the accumulation of lactic acid and muscle fatigue.

The Rumble Gun is easy to operate, charges quickly and lets the user pick a variety of speeds. There are a half-dozen attachments to use, depending on the source of the injury. They are:

• Ball head: Recommended to be used for arms, waist, back, hips, thighs, etc.

• Shovel head: Suitable for abdominal muscles and relaxation.

• U-shaped head: Ideal for massaging neck and Achilles tendon.

• Small round head: Recommended for internal deep tissue.

• Flat head: Suitable for all muscles; helps relax and shape.

• Cylindrical head: ideal for deep tissue recovery.

In addition to the attachments, the Rumble Gun comes with a charger, adapter, and carrying case for all the parts. When in use, it is very quiet, even when used at a higher speed.

While I am still working out the last inflammation and soreness from this injury, I feel that the Rumble Gun has helped quicken my recovery. It’s part of my treatment plan that will help me get back to my regular fitness level and training schedule.

And when I am back to 50 or so mile weeks, I’ll definitely count on my Rumble Gun to help me recover.

Onward and upward.


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