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Honey Stinger's new Cookies and Cream delivers on all counts

By Henry Howard

As someone with Celiac Disease and a sensitive stomach, I need to be careful about all my food choices, especially those that I consume before or during a run.

I was thrilled to see that Honey Stinger not only recently debuted the Cookies and Cream waffle but it is gluten free. Also notable is that these are certified USDA organic.

I immediately ordered a few boxes and was delighted about the taste. While cinnamon remains my favorite, Cookies and Cream isn't far behind.

Like other gluten-free waffles from Honey Stinger, the Cookies and Cream are easy to digest and I don't experience any gut issues. And that's important, whether I have a waffle as a snack, before a workout or literally on the run.

At 140 calories, like other Honey Stinger waffles, they are perfect for fueling during a long run, ride or other endurance sport. I regularly take Honey Stinger waffles, chews and/or gels on my long runs. They are easy to eat, taste great and the 21 grams of carbs help me in my athletic pursuits. Additionally, there is no cholesterol, zero grams of trans fats and just 90 mg of sodium. There is no additional flavoring or coloring.

The natural power of honey provides a boost of energy and important antioxidants. And Honey Stinger’s unique blend of organic sweeteners was created to improve athletic stamina and performance with a sustained energy boost.

Before too long, I will be ordering more Cookies and Cream waffles.


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