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XX2i sunglasses, Odlo hat impress contest winner

Editor’s note: Jennifer Hubbard was selected at random as the grand prize winner of the RunSpirited contest this past summer. All subscribers to my weekly Monday Motivation newsletter were entered. (Sign up at the top right-hand corner of my home page to receive the newsletter.)

Special thanks to XX2i for sponsoring the contest and giving Jennifer a pair of sunglasses, as well as to Odlo for providing hats to Jennifer and four others who were also selected at random for the runner-up prizes.

When I let Jennifer know she won the contest, she responded, “I never run without a hat! Can’t wait to try one of these. You made my day!”

Here’s her review of both the sunglasses and hat.

XX2i sunglasses

I got to try out my first pair of XX2i sunglasses. I tried the Bahamas 1 in Matte Black with the Polarized Grey Lenses.

Upon receiving them, I was really impressed before even seeing the glasses. They come in a great protective and sporty case that could stand up to some abuse while keeping your glasses safe. They also come with an eyewear retainer to keep from falling off of you while doing your sport or riding a roller coaster.

The polarized 4K optical technology in the lenses offer great clarity and glare reduction while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The sunglasses offer this technology while being one of the lightest pair of sunglasses I have owned.

Back in my younger years I worked for a sunglass store and I tend to be a bit critical of sunglasses. I know what is good and what isn’t. You usually get what you pay for. I think for the price of these sunglasses, you are getting technology and quality usually seen at a much higher price point. Great sunglasses for your sports and casual needs!

Odlo hat

I was lucky enough to also try a new running hat from Odlo.

I never run without a hat. It is almost as much a part of my running gear as my shoes. I am picky about hats, like my shoes and socks, because if they aren’t right, you are going to spend a lot of time annoyed by them and distracted from your workout or losing yourself in a good run.

For starters, my hat has to work well with a ponytail. Many hats just don’t sit right with a ponytail unless its super low. If I am working out, I am sweating. If I have my hair in a ponytail, it is because I want it off my neck. Hats that don’t allow this are automatic deal breakers. The Odlo hat is perfect.

The fabric wicks away sweat well and dries quickly. It’s a great color scheme too. The band of the hat is comfortable and keeps the sweat off your face and the sun out of your eyes while offering a little protection from the sun too. The bill of the hat isn’t super long, so if you prefer a shorter bill, you’ll like this one.

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