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Skins DNAmic makes a difference in recovery

For some athletes, wearing compression gear during or after a workout is nothing more than a placebo effect. They don’t believe that compression works to heal and repair injuries.

On the other hand, others fully believe in the power of compression socks, tights and other clothing. Count me in as one of those athletes who has used compression socks and tights during long training runs or races to speed recovery.

That’s why I was thrilled to test out compression shorts from Skins DNAmic. Disclaimer: I received a pair of compression half tights/shorts from Skins DNAmic to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review, find and write race reviews.

See how this unique compression gear works for you. Use my discount code "20BIBRAVE" for 20 percent off on all non-reduced items at

Scientifically sound

To understand why Skins DNAmic is different than others, one would need to see how their various apparel was developed.

Skins worked with a scientific and industrial research organization in Australia to develop a device capable of taking multiple readings of the human body in motion. They hooked up Skins athletes and were able to accurately measure compression on muscles in motion – as they change shape with increased levels of oxygen-fueled blood pumping through them.

This helped Skins DNAmic understand what compression levels are required for specific muscle groups whether the athlete is working out or in recovery. This has allowed Skins DNAmic to design its compression gear for comfort and injury prevention, while allowing for the best circulatory benefits for more oxygen delivery and reduced lactic acid build-up.

Another benefit is the improved circulation helps to eliminate other metabolic wastes during an intense workout.

My testing

I’m not going to pretend that I completely understand the science.

But what I do understand is that during my testing, these compression shorts helped my hamstrings recover more quickly than previously.

I had been dealing with a sore right hamstring for several months. In fact, I had been taping it during long runs and races since last fall. As the calendar turned to 2018, I had taken a brief break from hard-core training but was still active. As I revved up training in January, my hamstring had still been sore and I continued to tape it.

Then my Skins DNAmic shorts arrived.

I started wearing them during training runs, and my hamstring began to feel better. At the same time, I began dealing with an unrelated foot injury. It’s possible that the care I gave to my left foot contributed toward the healing of the right hamstring. But I think it had much more to do with the Skins DNAmic compression shorts.

Just yesterday, I did my longest training run — with a mile of steep hill repeats — in months. Later in the day, I walked around San Diego with my son, which raised my daily step total to well more than 30,000. Today, when I woke up I had zero issues with my hamstring.

And that is why I will continue to wear Skins DNAmic as I push my body through challenging training runs and races. Recovery is key and Skins DNAmic is a difference maker.

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