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Boco hats are tops

The visor and runners hats provide comfort, wick away sweat and offer a stylish look.

I admit it. I had Boco Envy. I had seen other runners sporting Boco runner hats, trucker hats and visors promoting various companies, races and other brands.

The hats look cool and the wicking material is one I could appreciate on hot, humid runs. In fact, I almost bought one featuring Colorado’s “C” symbol from the Boulder-based company this past summer during a trip out there for the Leadville Marathon.

Instead, I jumped on the opportunity to test a Boco visor and hat. Disclaimer: I received both as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review, find and write race reviews!"

The visor

After receiving both lids in the mail, I first tried out the visor during an evening run in late summer when the temperatures were easily in the 80s. The lightweight visor’s internal sweatband kept sweat from irritating my eyes as I slogged through the miles on the trail. Why didn’t I have a Boco visor earlier this summer?

Unlike other visors I run with, the Boco is made with a dry-tech polyester on the outside. This is notable because I have noticed that the salt stains that usually blot my visors do not appear on the Boco. There must be something in the fabric that prevents the salt stains from sticking to the visor.

The visor’s fit is comfortable — I often forget I am wearing it during runs. That is until I realize my eyes and face are free from sweat.

The hat

I prefer visors to hats in general, and the same holds true for the Boco versions of each. But judging the hat on its own merits, there is a lot to like.

Like the visor, the hat’s fit is comfortable. For those who need to adjust the sizing, there is an easy-to-adjust strap on the back.

To ensure a comfortable fit, Boco designs the hat with a relaxed fit front panel. The curved bill is really not my style but I have come to actually like the look.

The light fabric keeps the runner’s head cool as I found out during various warm runs, including a long treadmill workout in a balmy hotel workout room. And, if you need to wash either the hat or visor, both can be tossed into the washing machine.


I am sold. Not only are these Boco lids stylish, they work well for runners pounding out the miles on the roads, trails or elsewhere. Call it #BocoLove.

Now, I need to try out one of those trucker hats, maybe with the cool C logo.

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