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Naked Nutrition cookies are packed with taste and protein

Naked Nutrition chocolate chip cookies are great with yogurt.

By Henry Howard

I’ve largely stayed away from treats like cookies in recent years as I’ve focused my lifestyle on fitness and health. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t completely shut off treats from time to time.

I had the opportunity recently to try out some Naked Nutrition protein cookies. Naked Nutrition also offers protein powder (including vegan options), baking mixes, supplements and more. I was intrigued by Naked, given its commitment to real ingredients, its focus on healthy foods and limited sugar. Its website promises, “No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and no mixing agents. You control the flavor and your nutrition by what you choose to add to Naked proteins and supplements.”

The cookNaked Nutrition's cookies are free of gluten, GMO and soy, and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Given my Celiac Disease, of course I was pleased to learn that Naked’s protein cookies are gluten-free. They are baked in the United States, and made with defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat.

For my samples, I selected the Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar protein cookies. (Naked Nutrition also offers Oatmeal Raisin protein cookies, which were sold out at the time.) The cookies are soy free and GMO free, and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or flavors. Here is nutritional information for each type I sampled:

Chocolate Chip Naked Cookie.

• 10g of grass-fed whey protein

• 1g of sugar

• 190 calories

• 26g total carbs

• 13g of fat (7g saturated fat)

• 0g of cholesterol

• 60mg of sodium

• 6g of fiber

Sugar Naked Cookie

• 10g of grass-fed whey protein

• 5g of sugar

• 210 calories

• 28g total carbs

• 12g of fat (7g saturated fat)

• 0g of cholesterol

• 60mg of sodium

• 5g of fiber

The taste test

Chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite. And even though I am following a plant-based diet, I do relent on some processed food items that contain milk.

Naked Nutrition offers three options for protein cookies, including a classic sugar cookie.

The Naked Nutrition Chocolate Chip cookies are tasty, soft and sit well in my stomach. I enjoyed them solo or sometimes crumbed one into plant-based yogurt for an afternoon snack. I would definitely have these as an option in my pantry for those times when I desire a snack.

The sugar cookies were also good, a similar consistency to the chocolate chip version, but of course, with a different taste. While I enjoyed them as well, I’d defer to shopping for the chocolate chips and trying out the oatmeal raisin options. That’s a personal taste preferences, not anything related to the actual sugar cookie itself.

I don’t intend on binging on snack food at any time. But I’ll definitely have these cookies around for a treat everyone once in a while, like after a couple of hard weekend training runs. And, of course, at a finish line celebration.


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