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Cleer Arc II Sport earbuds deliver on sound and technology  

Cleer Arc II Sport earbuds come with a slick charging case.

By Henry Howard


The safest earbuds for runners, cyclists, hikers and other outdoor adventurers are those that allow the user to hear their surroundings amid other noise. The open ear technology used by several brands is the best way to go to ensure safety, whether you are running on a trail, cycling on city streets or something similar.


I recently had the opportunity to test the Cleer Arc II Sport. According to the company,


Cleer provided a sample to me for testing and in exchange for this review. I have tried at least three other open ear brands and I found Cleer to be among the best. Here’s why:


The sound: This is where the Arc II Sport really stands out. I found the sound to be the best I’ve experienced with this style of earbud. And the name is pretty cool, too: Snapdragon Sound. Cleer says Snapdragon helps the user experience the music as the artist intended with high-res music streaming without the glitching other earbuds often exhibit.


The battery life is one of the benefits of the Cleer earbuds.

The charging: I am really impressed by the charging port (USB-C) that is so much easier than the typical earbud chargers. Just take off the earbuds, slide them into their protective case, close the lid and the charging commences. No more dangly wires.


The fit: I had become accustomed to other earbuds that are connected with a bar that sits behind my head. Those are fine but the single buds from Cleer go one better. With the Arc II Sport style, I don’t have the annoyance of having a shirt, sweatshirt or hat misalign the earbuds. Also, the Cleer case is much better for traveling as it is more compact than the other earbuds and their charging cable.


The durability: The Cleer Arc II Sport earbuds feature improved durability, now rated at IPX5 water resistance for excellent endurance no matter the intensity of your workout.


Cleer Arc II Sport details

  • Fully charged earbuds will last for up to eight hours and 27 hours of recharge time in the case.

  • The charging case features built-in UV light sterilization to kill any bacteria while your earbuds are charging.

  • Bluetooth 5.3.

  • Waterproof and sweatproof.

  • Touch sensitive controls for volume, track, calls and play or pause.



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