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A massage gun for recovery, relief and travel

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is incredibly light and easy to handle.

By Henry Howard

As an avid traveler, averaging between 25 and 30 annual work trips, I’ve created all sorts of life hacks to make it easier.

My trips generally range between a couple of nights and a full week on the road. So whenever possible, I try to pack light and consolidate all I need into my two carry-ons. At the same time, as a masters runner, I need my recovery tools such as a quality massage gun to soothe my legs.

I’ve tried out several and the one that combines the highest quality of performance with compactness is the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun kit. In the carrying case, I can easily fit everything it came with:

  • The C2 massage gun.

  • Five different massage gun heads.

  • Manual.

  • Type-C USB charging cable.

Even better I can also fit in some KT Tape strips in the pocket and a tube of cream for pain relief. Like I said, I’ve created a bunch of hacks.

Here are some questions related to the reasons why this is my go-to massage gun:

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun has five speeds that boost recovery.

What’s the battery life?

The Bob & Brad C2 massage gun claims to have three hours of continuous use. I haven’t timed it precisely. However, it runs for 10 minutes at a time, and I would say that I get around 15 uses before it needs a recharge.

There are four lights on the gun that indicate the battery level. Once the battery runs out, it charges pretty quickly.

How does it function compared with others?

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is incredibly light (roughly 1.5 pounds) and easy to handle. The C2 has an oval handle with a silicone grip, making it super easy to control.

To start it, you simply press a button, then you can press the same button to increase the speed, up to five levels.

Unlike other massage guns, it is pretty quiet. The company says it's only 60 decibels, about the same as a normal conversation. I’ve found that to be accurate. I’ve been able to talk with someone at a regular speaking level or listen to a podcast at a normal volume while using it.

What are the details?

The C2 massager has lots of options depending on what muscle group you want to work on. There are five massage heads in different shapes and five speeds that can target different body parts at various levels of discomfort.

Its max speed can hit 3200rpm that will help you recover faster, reduce muscle pain and fatigue, stimulate blood flow, and bolster flexibility.


Whether or not you are a regular traveler, the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is one you should consider. Its performance helps my muscles recover, whether I am at home, traveling for work or in my hotel room recovering from a race.

You would be hard pressed to find another one that matches it for being so incredibly light, easy to use, quiet and easy to handle.


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