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5 reasons to love Bivo water bottles for cyclists

Bivo bottles ares designed for easy water flow and to fit perfectly in bike holders.

By Henry Howard


As endurance athletes, we know hydration is important. So, too, is the right bottle. If you are like me, you probably haven’t given too much thought to the container that holds your water, electrolyte drink or other liquid consumable during your workouts.


But I’ve been thinking more about the bottles I use, especially while doing a cycling workout, since I tested a pair of Bivo bottles. But these water bottles for cyclists also work well for runners, hikers and others.


I was provided two samples to test and write this review about. They provided me the Bivo One (21 ounces, non-insulated) and the Bivo Trio Mini (17 ounces, insulated) as they are more applicable to runners. However, I used them more frequently while riding either my road bike or the indoor stationary one.

Bivo water bottles are made for cyclists, runners, hikers and others.

In my testing over the past several, weeks I found a lot to like about Bivo bottles because they:


  1. Are a way for me to support a carbon-neutral company. Bivo states its goal was to drink out of less plastic and keep our planet healthy by caring deeply about the impact of raw materials on humans and humanity. "We scrutinized every decision when it came to our bottle and have offset our impact to be completely carbon neutral," they wrote on their website.

  2. Adapt and fit in various bike cages. The bottles work well both on my outdoor bike and in the holders on my stationary bike. They stay put even when traversing over bumps, potholes and rough areas outside. And are easy to grab on the go, or even when stationary.

  3. Keep the taste clean. The high-quality stainless steel containers are designed to ensure the water or other liquids are free of plastic or mold. 

  4. Flow perfectly. What other water bottles are designed by a former NASA engineer? The Bivo Trio, for example, was designed to achieve an unmatched flow-rate without the need to squeeze. Sounds easy but it’s a welcome advantage over other bottles.

  5. Can be used in the dishwasher. This Q&A is really helpful in learning about the bottles, their usage, how to care for them and more.

The details

Both the Bivo One and Bivo Trio have some commonalities:


  • Silicone anti-slip exterior on colored bottles.

  • Patented high-flow sport nozzle 

  • 100% recyclable stainless steel

  • BPA/BPS/BPF and phthalates free components

Bivo bottles have a patented high-flow sport nozzle and are made of 100% recyclable stainless steel.

The Bivo One and a few others are built with a single-wall construction and are not insulated. The single-wall construction keeps these bottles smaller and lighter than their insulated siblings. 

Want to keep your water cold? The Bivo Trio and Trio Raw are built with a double-wall vacuum insulated construction and are designed to keep your beverages cold for 12 hours of chill.)


When it comes to hot drinks, the Bivo One is not intended to be used due to its single-wall construction. The Bivo Trio (and also Trio Raw) are not intended for use with hot liquids due to the high-flow rate design. Hot, carbonated, and perishable liquids and other contents may build up pressure within the bottle and unexpectedly leak or spray out.


However, for those cycling or running in bitter cold temperatures, they can start with warm liquid — not hot — in the Trio since it is insulated. As Bivo advises on its website, “Please be smart and reasonable with the temperature of the liquids you put in your bottles.”


Whether you cycle, run or hike with a Bivo bottle, it is a good choice for keeping your drink cold or warm.







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