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Boco Gear headwear is tops

I’ve always been a hat guy. When I was a young boy, I wore hats so frequently, my mom recalls times when I would try to sleep with one on.

As I have gotten older, I have become more picky about my hats. I want a secure fit, especially when living in Indiana, which receives its share of windy days. In wintertime, I need warm hats as I venture outside for running.

This past winter, the weather was no different. But my running mileage certainly was not the same as in the past as I trained for my first 100K at the Ultra Race of Champions this May. I recorded my two highest volume running months ever in February (181.3 miles) and March (259.9 miles).

While there were times when I hit the treadmill to do speedwork, plenty of those miles were logged in the cold, or on icy and snowy trails. Thankfully, I have a good collection of Boco Gear headwear.

Disclaimer: I was honored to be accepted as an MVP Ambassador for Boco Gear for this year. I received a discount on the Boco Gear I have ordered since entering the sponsorship program. To learn more about Boco Gear, its products and custom orders, visit the website.

Good in the cold …

Boco Gear is a small, Colorado-based company that makes hats, visors, headbands, ear bands, cycling caps, beanies, pom poms, kids hats and more items to cover your skull. They also offer bags, race belts, gloves, fanny packs, arm warmers and more.

Interested consumers can shop at the online store, or order customized products for clubs, teams, charities, workplaces, races or other groups. The minimum order for these is 35.

I have worn various hats, visors and beanies made by Boco Gear. During the colder temperatures, I have made good use of the performance knit beanie I purchased with the Colorado logo.

The beanie quickly became my favorite head covering to wear when conditions warranted. The 100 percent acrylic beanie is softer than others I have tried but still keeps my head warm, thanks to its microfleece lining. I wore it frequently when running in temperatures with wind chills in the 20s and lower, into the single digits.

… and when temperatures rise

Additionally, I have found the baseball caps to be stylish, good fitting and comfortable on the run — even when also wearing earbuds and strapping on a headlamp.

I have worn the Boco Elite Hat in cooler temps (and during a run in 50-degree weather on a brief visit to Texas last month). I was pleased with its fit, comfort and style. And soon I’ll be able to test out its ability to keep me cool during my summer runs.

After all, the baseball-style cap is built for sun and gear protection. Laser-cut vents are located on the top and back of the hat for ventilation. Additionally, lightweight wicking polyester material provides a layer of protection and polyester mesh side gussets up top allow heads to keep cool.


I really like each of the Boco Gear headwear items I own. As I mentioned they fit really well, protect my head from the elements and give me a good look on the trails. With summer and warmer weather just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time until I find myself heading back to the Boco Gear online shop to add to my collection.

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