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Oofos shoes speed recovery, boost cancer research

I have been a longtime fan of Oofos recovery footwear. In fact, almost exactly a year ago I reviewed the Ooahh Sport sandals.

This summer, thanks to being a BibRave Pro, I had the opportunity to test a new Oofos product, the Oofos OOMG Fibre Low Shoes. Learn more about being a BibRavePro ambassador and check out to review, find and rate races.

I am currently building toward a fall marathon race, the Chicago Marathon, as well as a 50-miler just after Thanksgiving. As my training has increased, so has my muscle soreness. Thankfully, wearing Oofos after workouts has sped up recovery for my feet.

Oofos uses OOfoam, which absorbs more than one-third — 37 percent — more impact than other footwear foams. This reduces stress on the body while walking, allowing the user to recover more quickly. Additionally, the footbeds cradle the wearer’s arches, allowing for a more natural feel through your gate cycle.

Today, in fact, I ran 12 miles — my longest run in almost exactly three months. Immediately afterward, I put on my Oofos. I can definitely tell a difference in my recovery as compared to last weekend after a 10-miler when I did not have my Oofos with me.

Not only are my legs and feet feeling back to normal, I am handling stairs with ease and there is no difference in my gait as compared to my regular walking pattern.

The shoes are comfortable and fine for walking around the house, through the yard and around the neighborhood.

When race day is here, I will likely pack my Oofos shoes — as I have done previously with the sandals — to speed my recovery.

Wear Oofos, fight cancer

As a consumer, I like to frequent companies that are socially conscious and give back. Oofos is among those companies.

For example, right now 3 percent of all sales go to breast cancer research through Project Pink. These contributions help fund the research department of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in the fight against breast cancer.

More on Project Pink can be found on the Oofos website.

It’s hard to find somebody who has not had a family member or friend affected by cancer. I have had several friends die of cancer in the past few years and a family member and other friends going through chemo.

Fortunately, a close friend of mine just completed his last round of chemo.

I am grateful of organizations like Oofos that help the fight against cancer. And I am proud to be a supporter of Oofos.

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