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Refuel with Detach-infused smoothies

As a regular water drinker who craves taste, I am always looking for alternatives to get me through the day. I limit myself to one iced tea or similar drink daily and supplement water with healthy, flavorful options like coconut water.

I was looking forward to trying Detach, which is a coconut water-based drink with a subtle flavor, improved electrolyte balance, and a micro-protein blend aimed at helping athletes power through workouts or recover afterward.

Disclaimer: I received six bottles of Detach to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review find and write race reviews.

Detach was founded on the premise that athletes need an all-natural drink to stay hydrated, focused and supported while training. Company founders donate and support initiatives that share their core values, through a portion of the profits, such as Alzheimer’s Association, World Bicycle Relief and Sonoma Pride.

The coconut water has a mild taste and delivers on its promise to rehydrate athletes after workouts. Detach has added a touch of sea salt for an electrolyte boost in each of the 12-ounce, 60-calorie bottles.

After working out, I often put together a smoothie that not only helps me rehydrate but packs in some protein and carbs. Here are my favorite smoothies using Detach as a base:

1. Detach, banana, half cup of blueberries, strawberries and hemp seeds. The fruit makes this combination the most flavorful. In fact, it is my favorite of those that I have tried. A second banana to add thickness might make it even better. Hemp seeds supply a boost of protein.

2. Detach, two bananas, half cup of blueberries, handful of spinach leaves, tablespoon of turmeric and hemp seeds. I used this one as a recovery smoothie for some soreness, adding turmeric to help reduce swelling. The second banana adds thickness to the smoothie.

3. Detach, banana, apple, half cup of blueberries, handful of spinach leaves and chia seeds. The flavors from the coconut water, apple and blueberries give the smoothie a nice flavor. The chia seeds provide some needed protein.

In conclusion, Detach coconut water is a good supplement for your workouts or during recovery, especially when it's part of a smoothie. It is gluten free and certified paleo so the coconut water should work with any dietary requirements. What you add beyond that is up to you but there are plenty of ways to include Detach in a post-workout recovery drink.

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