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Aftershokz headphones are best, safest option for runners

Every pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless headphones comes with Audrey, the welcoming device when the user pairs the Bluetooth to a device.

Aftershokz is more than a digital voice you can count on, however. The wireless stereo headphones are simply the best options I have found for using when I run, bike or work outside. The bone conduction technology and open ear design means that I don’t have earbuds crammed in both ears, an uncomfortable feeling that also prevents me from hearing everything in the surrounding area.

(Disclaimer note: I received a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro, and check out to review find and write race reviews.)

I have run with my Aftershokz on roads and trails, in familiar places and new areas. In every case, I was glad to be able to listen to podcasts or music while also being completely area of my surroundings — whether it was the beauty of nature or the sounds of the city. The Trekz Titanium promises up to six hours of continuous battery life, though after a couple of hours, the headphones do feel tight around the ears.

The sweatproof Trekz Titanium fits nicely and comes in black, blue, pink and green. As someone who travels often, I have found the hard-case portable storage unit to be welcome. I can stash my headphones in the case and not worry about them getting damaged.

If you purchase a pair of Trekz Titanium headphones and use code "FREECASE" at, you will receive a free portable storage case.

But that’s not all. Courtesy of the Aftershokz website, here are six other things that the Trekz Titanium offers (note: I have not tried all of these):

Check battery status: Click the volume+ or volume- button when audio is stopped or paused. Audrey will say “battery high,” “battery medium,” or “battery low.” Audrey will also warn you when you are at the halfway point and when the batter juice is getting low.

Mute or unmute mic: Press and hold both volume+ and volume- buttons while on a call. Audrey will say “mute on” or “mute off.”

Voice call: Press and hold the multifunction button for two seconds. Audrey will say “voice dial,” prompting your phone’s intelligent personal assistant.

Reject a call: Don’t want to take a call during a workout? No problem. Press and hold the multifunction button for two seconds while a call is coming in. You’ll hear two beeps.

Dial the previous number: Pick right back up where you left off in your conversation without having to dig your phone out of your pocket. Double-clicking the multifunction button when audio isn’t playing with automatically redial the previous number.

Pair two devices simultaneously: While you won’t receive audio from both devices at the same time, you’ll be able to seamlessly jump back and forth between the two.

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