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Ten things runners should know about Oofos recovery sandals

For full disclosure, I had the opportunity (or is that oo-portunity?) to test out and review a pair of Oofos sandals (Ooahh Sport) as part of being a BibRavePro. Learn more about being a BibRavePro ambassador and check out to review, find and rate races.

I absolutely love my Oofos as they have helped me recover from long training runs and races. In fact, as a frequent traveler, they have accompanied me and healed my feet and legs from mountainous Colorado to lakeside Michigan to remote Montana.

While I could turn this into an ultra-length blog praising Oofos, I know time-pressed runners prefer informative but quick-read posts about products. So, in quick stride fashion, here are the top 10 things runners should know about Oofos:

1. As runners, we push our bodies up and down technical trails, through Yasso 800s on the track, and across hard pavement and sidewalks. Recovery is key. We don’t skimp on our miles and shouldn’t skimp on recovery. Sliding on Oofos after a hard run is an easy way to begin the all-important recovery phase.

2. Oofos sandals are uniquely designed to absorb the shock of each step, while traditional athletic shoes are designed to rebound and push the user forward. OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37 percent more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam.

3. Some Oofos models may look like flip-flops but they provide a soft, comfortable but firm fit that mimics a walker’s natural motion. Unlike flip-flops, the Oofos design incorporates arch support to relieve pressure from ankles, knees, hips and the lower back.

4. I have covered what Oofos has but what they don’t have is just as important. While many flip-flops are made with EVA foam, Oofos sandals are made using a patented, closed cell foam that has non-toxic properties. Additionally, Oofos does not contain latex.

5. Sliding on Oofos after a run is like slipping into a comfortable pair of slippers. The fit is secure yet reassuring.

6. Unlike many other sandals, the Oofos are durable thanks to the strong layer of foam. (However, Cara the puppy thinks they are chew toys so mine regularly face toothy, durability tests.)

7. When I have the opportunity during my travels, I soak and relax in a hot tub. I have found that my Oofos dry quickly and water doesn’t damage the foam. Oofos says the moisture-resistant foam is machine washable. (But don’t ever put them in the dryer; either towel them off or let them rest in the shade outside.)

8. The Oofos look fabulous. I have no problem wearing them out in public — but I will only wear compression socks with them at home, so I won’t be That Guy.

9. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from for both women and men.

10. What more of a better recommendation can I give than this? I liked them so much I got a second pair.

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