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Nutrition, gear and more

InsideTracker: As I have become healthier and more efficient at running, the physical changes were easy to see. But I didn’t truly know what was going on inside until I had blood drawn and tested by InsideTracker. The tests give easy-to-understand scores, feedback and recommendations. I’ve used those recommendations each time to ensure key markers such as cortisol, iron, various vitamins and many more.

Coros Global: I had used a well-known watch for years but am so am so glad I started with a Coros Apex in 2018. Its battery life is light years ahead of other watches, but that is not all. It is easy to sync workouts, the data is incredible and it is very easy to use.

Honey Stinger: Based in Colorado, Honey Stinger is a leader in the endurance sports fueling industry. I love their gluten-free waffles and gels that give me the energy, carbs and calories I need for workouts and races.

Prevail Botanicals: The Colorado-based company makes a CBD-based salve that provides relief to aches and pains that endurance athletes suffer. I prefer using a salve instead of ingesting CBD via spray or other means.

UltrAspire: The Utah-based company's tagline, "Inspired by athletes" is an apt description of its philosophy and its approach to creating gear for endurance athletes. I use an UltrAspire vest, handheld bottle, headlamp, hat and arm sleeves for my long runs and races.

Squirrel's Nut Butter: The Flagstaff, Ariz.,- based company produces all-natural salves for endurance athletes that prevent chafing. The story of how SNB came to be is interesting and inspiring.

Boco Gear: Another Colorado-based company that I enjoy supporting, Boco Gear makes awesome gear for runners. Boco specalizes in baseball caps, trucker hats, knit hats, beanies and more. 

XX2i: The company was founded on the principle that high performance sports eyewear can also be affordable. Started in 2010, XX2i Optics supports runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes who strive to  make a difference every day.

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