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Good massage gun options for traveling

The Bob and Brad Air 2 massage gun is quiet, able to reach deep into sore tissues and muscles, and a good massage gun option for traveling.

By Henry Howard


Soon after I tested and reviewed the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun, I had the opportunity to put another model, the Air 2 massage gun, through some analysis.


Overall, there is a lot to like about both Bob and Brad massage guns. They are quiet, able to reach deep into sore tissues and muscles, and are good massage gun options for traveling.


(For full disclosure, a company rep reached out to offer the massage guns for reviews. Even so, I offer the following review as informational purposes for runners and other endurance athletes looking for recovery tool options.)


Both the Bob and Brad Air 2 Massage gun and the C2 version can easily fit into a carry-on suitcase. As a frequent traveler for work, I was able to take along the Air 2 and test it out during a couple of work trips in December.


The Air 2’s 12mm amplitude helps find trigger points, targeting muscle soreness and fatigue in the legs, neck, hands and elsewhere in the body. It has a concave surface and ergonomic curved angles, creating a perfect grip. Like the C2, the Air 2 comes with five attachments to provide targeted relief for various muscle groups.

The Bob and Brad Air 2 is quiet, compact and effective.

Here’s a tale of the tape of the two massage guns:


                        Air 2 C2

Price                $89 $99

Charging          USB-C USB-C

Stall Force (lbs.)     28 40

Battery            4800mAh 2500mAh

Attachments   5 5

Weight (lbs.) 1.16 1.5

Size (inches) 5.1x4.9x2.0             6.8x5.1x2.4


Testing the Air 2

I found that the battery life in the Air 2 was very similar to the C2. Bob and Brad say both batteries can be charged up to 180 minutes. With the automatic timer turning off the device after 10 minutes, that gives the user about 18 sessions before needing a recharge.


The Air 2 was easy to use and does get deep into muscles and tissues, not quite as far as the C2, in my opinion. But it gets deep enough to achieve relief.


What stands out most about the Air 2 for me is the handle shape that is unique among massage guns. I did not encounter any issues with the handle or any of the functionality of the massage gun.


I prefer the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun ever so slightly.



For athletes looking for a compact yet powerful massage gun for traveling both the Air 2 and C2 are tremendous options.


They are both pretty similar in size, effectiveness and ease of use, as well as some other comparable areas. I lean slightly toward the C2, perhaps because of familiarity as I have used it longer.


But regardless of which Bob and Brad massage gun you choose, relief will be at your fingertips, whether you are at home or on a road trip.





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